Date: June 13th-16th, 2022.

EXHIBITORS: 730 domestic and foreign exhibiting companies.

10 INTERNATIONAL HALLS: 28 countries present.

Guest country: Germany, with 40 companies.

Attendants: 40.500, between technical visits belonging to workers from mining, industrial and energy companies, supplier companies, educational institutions, public and private organizations, research centers and the general public, including more than 59 technical delegations from mining, energy and industrial companies.

ESTIMATED BUSINESS: US$ 850 million projected for 12 months by exhibiting companies.


  • Seven seminars attended by 1,300.

  • Investment Projects and Challenges in Mining.

  • Mining 4.0: Automation and Digitalization.

  • Green Mining and Value Chain.

  • Investment Projects and Challenges in Energy and Water.

  • Green Hydrogen, an opportunity for the Antofagasta Region.

  • Circular Economy: Sustainable Business.

BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE: 1,664 meetings with 15 mining, energy and industrial companies: BHP, Yamana Gold, Albemarle, AMSA, SQM, Michilla, Sierra Gorda SCM, CODELCO, Lomas Bayas, El Abra, Altonorte, Finning, Minera Las Cenizas, Teck CDA and Teck QB.

ENEXPRO: 410 meetings with eight foreign mining buyers. US$ 29 million in projected business.

ENERGY PAVILION 28 companies corresponding to generators, suppliers of the sector, public institutions, trade associations and research centers with the aim of strengthening the link between them and generating new business opportunities.

SITE VISITS: Six mining and one industrial sites: CODELCO RT, SQM, Minera Centinela, El Peñón Yamana Gold, Codelco Chuquicamata, Albemarle and Planta Desaladora Norte Aguas Antofagasta. 117 people visited the sites.

AFTER-WORK NETWORKING Tres Three days with presentations by eight companies, which shared their procurement needs and operational challenges. AMSA, BHP, CODELCO, SCM El Abra, Sierra Gorda SCM, Teck, SQM and Albemarle. The event was attended by 37 executives and 600 people over the three days.

LAUNCH YOUR INNOVATION: A platform aimed at technological entrepreneurs in the mining industry, with the participation of 30 projects. Ten of the entrepreneurs qualified for the Innovation Catalyst Pitch, where they participated for 6 and 4 million pesos in prizes, for first and second place respectively. Winners: Rudanac SpA (Antofagasta) and Nano 2 Chile (Calama).

INNOVATION ZOOM: 150 technological and innovative products and services from exhibiting companies that seek to reduce costs, increase productivity and prevent accidents were published and disseminated to mining companies and visitors prior to the start of the exhibition.

TECHNICAL TALKS: 114 technical talks were given by 109 exhibitors for their potential clients, including the Swiss, Australian and German embassies, as well as the government agencies SEREMI de Minería and SENCE, with a total attendance of 1,551 people.

2nd CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT CONTEST: The contest highlighted and rewarded the initiatives of workers seeking to improve their companies' processes in terms of safety, productivity and culture. The winning team was that of Minera Antucoya, Full Power Egyptians, made up of 8 workers, for the challenge Optimization of turning for a stacker bridge.

AIA SME PAVILION: Pavilion aimed at AIA members that fit into the SME category. It was attended by 20 companies.

CULTURAL PROGRAM: VII Congress of Students of Technical Professional Education of the Norte Grande, with the participation of 60 students from different technical professional establishments from the municipalities of Tocopilla, Calama, Taltal, María Elena and Antofagasta. profesionales de las comunas de Tocopilla, Calama, Taltal, María Elena y Antofagasta.


PITCH DAY MORE LITHIUM LESS FOOTPRINT: A call for innovation that seeks to identify solutions with high social and environmental impact, organized by SQM together with INNSPIRAL. There were 3 winners, being awarded the Antofagasta company Litiohm, with the design and local assembly of lithium batteries for solar photovoltaic installations.

TALENT WOMEN: First Mining & Energy Talento Mujer Job Matching Meeting, organized by REDEG together with EXPONOR. This initiative brought together and connected 500 talented women from around the country with job opportunities in the industry. During three days, the delegations toured the exhibition, interacted with companies, participated in a networking event, learned about job offers and talent attraction programs, as well as being part of a discussion with leading figures from the public and private sectors and academia.

INCLUSION CONVERSATORY: The Inclusive and diverse companies are more productive and safer, organized by Escondida |BHP in partnership with ComunidadMujer; a space to promote openness to the diversity of talents in organizations, and strengthen knowledge among decision makers. The event was attended by the Minister of Women, Antonia Orellana; the aquaculture engineer and master's degree in aquatic microbiology, Pamela Chávez, and the expert in Gender-Mining, Carolina Peyrín.

SUPPLIERS EXCELLENCE AWARD SIERRA GORDA SCM: 16 supplier companies were awarded in this first contest as a way of highlighting the effort, excellence, quality and responsibility with which they faced the difficulties resulting from the pandemic. The work of the participants was highlighted in various areas of the company, which presented an excellent performance in 2021.

WORKSHOP SOLARIND 2022: From the Antofagasta Energy Development Center; a complete program dedicated to solar thermal technologies that generate heat for industry, molten salt energy storage, solar hydrogen and its industrial applications, as well as the second life of discarded photovoltaic panels.


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