Guest Country EXPONOR 2024: Brazil

Words of the Ambassador of Brazil to Chile, Mr. Paulo Pacheco during the launch of EXPONOR 2024.

In 2024, Brazil will be the first Latin American country to be invited to Exponor as the Guest Country of Honour. The Embassy of Brazil encouraged this initiative and supported the invitation from the outset. We know that Brazil can and will contribute more and more to the development of the Chilean mining industry. Taking on this leading role at EXPONOR 2024 is also consistent with our aspiration to form regional value chains, as provided for in our bilateral Free Trade Agreement. We believe that the presence of Brazil, especially at the forthcoming trade fair, will contribute to make our exchange even more dynamic, which is already very significant. It will also foster growing partnerships within a window of opportunity that is opening up.

Brazil is Chile’s third largest trading partner in the world, behind only China and the United States. It is also the main Latin American investor in Chile. Chile, for its part, was, in 2022, the sixth commercial destination in the world for Brazilian exports, surpassing major economies, such as France, Mexico and Italy. Brazil is Chile’s main foreign investment destination. Here, in Chilean territory, important Brazilian companies are already established that manufacture machines and motors, used in the Chilean mining industry.

At each EXPONOR that has been held, via the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil) and through the Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment Industry (ABIMAQ), Brazil has attended all EXPONOR Trade Fairs that have been held, promoting the quality and innovation of Brazilian industry.

But over and above this, I want to highlight a window of opportunity that is about to open in 2024. In the following year (2025), the infrastructure works of the Bioceanic Corridor, a project that will connect the port of Santos and the Center-West of Brazil to the ports of northern Chile, will have to be completed. The northern regions of Chile, encouraged by this project, have already intensified their regional diplomacy, with a view to attracting Brazilian investment and helping to further strengthen our relationship. The Brazilian states involved in the Corridor, such as Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, in turn, have increased the number of missions to Chile by both the public and the private sectors. Last year, I was in Antofagasta for the meeting of the Committee of the Bioceanic Corridor and saw first-hand, the importance that northern Chile attaches to the relationship with Brazil.

I am glad to know that, in 2024, Brazil will be back in Antofagasta, demonstrating that this important attribute is reciprocal. Brazil wants, increasingly, to approach the Chilean north, as well as all of Chile, and consolidate itself as a safe partner for local industry, with technology, innovation, and sustainability, strengthening regional integration. In addition to an opportunity for the Chilean mining industry to learn more about Brazil’s industrial production excellence, EXPONOR 2024 will thus be an opportunity to disseminate our potential, which will be broadened by the Bioceanic Corridor project.

It will be an opportunity to overcome the mutual lack of knowledge that sometimes still affects us. I am convinced that, in the coming years, this new route of opportunity represented by the Bioceanic Corridor will foster closer links between our countries, especially between northern Chile and Brazil contributing to increased competitiveness and development of this beautiful region.

Together we are stronger. Our complementarity is our strength and oils the wheels for the friendship without borders between Brazil and Chile, which brings us to EXPONOR.

Many thanks to all!“.


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