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EXPONOR 2022 will make available to exhibitors and technical delegations a powerful block of activities, which can be accessed in a planned way using some tools that the exhibition provides:


Learn about the projects, investments and challenges of the industry from the leaders of the public and private sector.

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Technical Delegations:

Do you want to visit Exponor? We invite you to accredit your company for free as a technical visit, whose delegation may consider executives, professionals, specialized technicians, representatives of companies supplying the area and people linked to the academic world. Assist with your company and make Exponor your operations center. 

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Technical Talks

An opportunity to get to know the exhibitors' products in detail and generate possible business relationships. Available in

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Showcase your Innovation

Know the technologies and innovations of the exhibitors before the development of the exhibition. Available in

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Search by area

Are you looking for exhibitors in a specific field? View the exhibiting companies that match the item and know their location and contact information. Available in

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Exhibitors Catalog

Get to know the profile and area of the exhibiting companies. Available since May 2024.

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Layout 2024

Mapping with exhibitor identification that allows easy routes to be traced within Exponor.

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