EXPONOR's first mission in Brazil, Guest Country 2024

  • There were a series of meetings organized by ProChile, with trade associations and institutions from the state of Minas Gerais, recognized for its substantial mining activity.

With the purpose of establishing long-term relationships with the giant that is Brazil, the Antofagasta Industrial Association, AIA, with its strategic unit EXPONOR, visited Brazil, guided by ProChile. This entity, with its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, coordinated meetings that were held with trade associations and institutions of the state of Minas Gerais, recognized for its industry and economy.

Minas Gerais is the second most populous state in Brazil, and the second-largest consumer market, with 10% of the Brazilian market. This translated into US$ 96 billion in potential consumption in 2021. In addition, it is the second-largest exporting state and the second-largest manufacturing industry in the country, with 11.2% of the national GVA, which makes it the third-largest economy in that country, comparable to the GDP of Qatar.

Also, they sought to increase the activity of exhibitors in the Brazilian Pavilion in the next exhibition, since Brazil is the EXPONOR 2024 Guest Country. Meetings were held with different trade associations, counterparts to the AIA, so that they can disseminate among their member companies the opportunity that EXPONOR signifies, so they can visit it or participate with a stand. Around ten meetings were held in total.

The mining vocation of the Antofagasta Region and the state of Minas Gerais made this first connection between the two even more beneficial, enhancing the exchange of knowledge and experiences between companies, trade associations and institutions of both nations, with business opportunities for Chile in Brazil and vice versa. There was also a meeting with the Chairwoman of WIM Brazil, seeking to promote the connection with women in the country regarding the Female Talent program carried out by the AIA with RedEG.

EXPONOR 2024 -june 3 – 6– cuenta con el respaldo de sus socios estratégicos Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, CODELCO, Escondida|BHP, Minera El Abra, Pan American Silver, Sierra Gorda SCM, Spence|BHP y SQM, junto al patrocinio de APRIMIN, Consejo Minero, Generadoras de Chile, InvestChile, Ministerios de Economía, Minería y Energía, Gobierno Regional, ProChile, SOFOFA y SONAMI, y sus medios oficiales son Minería Chilena, Reporte Minero y El Mercurio de Antofagasta. Asegura tu stand en: reservas@exponor.cl – 552 454 335.

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Antofagasta, 27 de diciembre de 2023.


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