Chile, the most attractive country for investing in renewable energy in the region

Antofagasta leads the construction of clean energy, storage and green hydrogen projects in the country, according to the Regional Energy Department.

With the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, Chile has positioned itself as the most attractive country in the region for investing in renewable energy, ranking 14th globally and surpassing Brazil (18th), Argentina (30th) and Mexico (35th), according to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index.

Chile once again being positioned among the 15 most attractive countries in the world for investing in renewable energy is excellent news that confirms the strategy promoted by the Government to promote clean energy", said Dafne Pino Riffo, Energy SEREMI of the Antofagasta Region.

According to the regional official, this is mainly due to the beginning of the second phase of the energy transition, "where renewable energy passes from being an important complement in the electricity system, and to constitute the main sources of generation, aiming towards a 100% renewable electricity grid before 2050, as agreed in the National Energy Policy. We have also obtained this place as a result of the Energy Transition Bill being introduced into Parliament”.

Antofagasta Region

Antofagasta is the engine of the national economy, the epicentre of the mining and energy business. This is why two editions ago, EXPONOR was renamed the International Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations for the Mining and Energy Industry, and an exclusive pavilion was added for this area given Chile's characteristics regarding renewable energy.

Undoubtedly, being in 14th place is news that directly involves the region because, in this second phase of the energy transition, Antofagasta will continue to lead the construction of not only renewable energy projects, but also storage and green hydrogen projects, among others, which will mean economic dynamism and employability for the region", the official explained.

The region comprises US$ 9.599 billion in energy projects, including 29 that are 100% renewable energy generation, in addition to 15 green hydrogen initiatives that enhance its National Strategy in force since 2020, supporting its strong vocation for energy.

The first places in the study are held by the United States, Germany and China respectively, which have been Guest Countries at EXPONOR, and their largest delegations contributed to providing industrial solutions through innovations and technologies required by the market.

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Antofagasta, August 23, 2023.


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