Brazil, the first latin american country to be guest of honour at EXPONOR 2024

It stands out for its intense manufacturing activity, which positions it as a great power in the region, complementing Chile's trajectory in the industrial sector.

It is the second-largest iron producer in the world, which contributes 61.4% of its national income, and its strength is being a manufacturer of mechanical capital goods, with technology and competitiveness. We are talking about Brazil, guest of honour at EXPONOR 2024, whose special participation was confirmed by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments, Apex-Brazil - an invitation extended by the Industrial Association of Antofagasta, AIA, with the support of the Ministry of Mining and the Regional Government.

In this way, it is the first Latin American nation to enjoy this privilege. With the support of the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, ABIMAQ, Brazil continues to be among the five most important EXPONOR delegations; this time, it will have 200 square meters for its exhibit.

We are very happy to have Brazil as a guest of honour. Our geographical proximity allows us a much closer and lasting alliance over time, reinforced by the Bioceanic Corridor project that we are working on together, and that will especially benefit us for greater and faster access to the binational market, with an impact on our companies. We are sure that Brazil will strategically lead this international exhibition", said Marko Razmilic, President of the AIA.

In January 2022, the Free Trade Agreement between Brazil and Chile entered into force, which expands the scenario for economic relations with the Brazilian market, including a commercial exchange of both goods and services, which complements the trade liberalization already achieved with Economic Complementation Agreement no. 35, which has been in effect for over 25 years.


Brazil has a large agricultural, livestock and manufacturing activity, and exported US$ 179.7 million in machinery and equipment for mining in 2021. Chile, meanwhile, contributed with US$ 19.9 million, increasing its imports from Brazil by 26.3% between 2020 and 2021. Thus, the bilateral relationship at the export level is more than clear.

In this sense, refined copper is the main product exported from Chile to Brazil, reaching 41.1% in 2021, followed by copper ore (6.67%), and molybdenum ore (5.17%).

Exports from Brazil to Chile are led by crude oil with 27.8%, delivery trucks (4.40%), tractors (3.18%), and large construction vehicles (2.30%). In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in this commercial exchange between the two nations.

EXPONOR 2024 - from June 3 to 6 - has the support of its strategic partners Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, Escondida|BHP, CODELCO, Minera El Abra, Pan American Silver, Sierra Gorda SCM, Spence|BHP and SQM, together with the sponsorship of APRIMIN, Consejo Minero, Generadoras de Chile, Ministries of Economy, Mining and Energy, ProChile, SOFOFA and SONAMI, and its official media is Minería Chilena, Reporte Minero y El Mercurio de Antofagasta. Reserve your stand at: reservas@exponor.cl - 552 454 335.

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Antofagasta, august 9, 2023.


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