Antofagasta-Brazil Week: preparations for the business gathering at EXPONOR 2024

The event, dedicated to Brazil, guest country at the 20th version of EXPONOR, had over 170 attendees at the international webinars and close to 100 meetings.

As a way to strengthen commercial ties and make visible the business possibilities offered by both countries, the Antofagasta Region, Chile, and the EXPONOR 2024 guest country, Brazil, held the Antofagasta-Brasil WeekAn unprecedented opportunity for connection, co-organized with Apex Brazil, the Federation of Industries (FIEMG), and the Minerals Industry Association (SINDIEXTRA), both from the State of Minas Gerais, together with the support of the Brazilian Embassy in Chile.

They were three days of international webinars and B2B business meetings, in which companies from both nations presented their products to the attendees: supplier companies, authorities and representatives of government organizations.

The activity provided information on the opportunities offered by both countries, particularly in the mining area. In addition, they were able to learn about the bilateral trade agreement in force and to learn about the experiences of the companies WEG and Novamine, which took on the challenge of investing in Chile and Brazil respectively.

Among the exhibitors, InvestChile, SOFOFA, ProChile, Montt Group and SINDIEXTRA were present. And on Thursday, the activity closed with over 90 B2B meetings between supplier companies from Brazil and Chile.

The figures speak for themselves in the state of Minas Gerais, one of the most developed along these lines: a mining hub with 50% of national iron production, first in gold, zinc and phosphate production, with a model industry in sustainability that generates 95.4% of energy from renewable sources and a flourishing development in the industrial area in general.

For its part, Chile, and especially the Antofagasta Region, stands out for its global leadership in the production of metallic and non-metallic minerals, such as copper, lithium, nitrates, iodine and molybdenum, with 32% of the national investment portfolio in 2030. This leadership also applies to the energy sector, as Antofagasta is the region with the largest installed energy capacity in the country.

EXPONOR 2024 -june 3 – 6has the support of its strategic partners Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, CODELCO, Escondida|BHP, Minera El Abra, Pan American Silver, Sierra Gorda SCM, Spence|BHP and SQM, together with the backing of APRIMIN, Consejo Minero, Generadoras de Chile, InvestChile, the Ministries of Economy, Mining and Energy, the Regional Government, ProChile, SOFOFA and SONAMI. Official media partners are Minería Chilena, Reporte Minero and El Mercurio de Antofagasta. Credit your visit at: visitatecnica@exponor.cl.

EXPONOR 2024... Solutions for a sustainable industry.

Antofagasta, 11 de abril de 2024.


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