EXPONOR 2024, a key driver of the economy and investment in Chile

The international technical exhibition will mark a turning point in the national mining industry, stimulating new investment and business opportunities that contribute to strengthening the Growth Agenda from the Antofagasta Region to the country.

The Chilean economy is stagnant and for 10 years has grown at a slower rate than the world economy, with the consequent relative impoverishment of its citizens, according to a study by the Confederation of Production and Commerce, CPC (2024).

The current scenario requires the acceleration of the Growth Agenda and the promotion of investment in our country in the various economic sectors, particularly in the mining industry, in the face of the loss of dynamism and lower production levels. For the period 2023-2032, 49 investment initiatives are considered in copper, gold, iron, lithium and industrial minerals projects for US$ 65.7 billion; of this total, 15 mining projects are located in the Antofagasta Region, with US$ 17.493 billion, which shows the importance and influence that this region has in the country's mining economy.

This is the challenge that national authorities and trade association leaders have accepted, in an unprecedented meeting that for the first time convened in Santiago the main representatives of the CPC, SOFOFA, SONAMI, the Consejo Minero, together with the Minister of Mining, organized by the Antofagasta Industrial Association, AIA, to analyse and discuss strategies to strengthen the Chilean economy.

In this context, EXPONOR stands out, the most important international, technical and on-site exhibition this year, which will leverage the national economy, in the words of Marko Razmilic, AIA President. "We are convinced that this event will mark a turning point for regional and national mining, stimulating new investment and business opportunities that will contribute to strengthening the Growth Agenda in the Antofagasta Region and the country. This takes on great value in the face of the threat of an eventual decline in foreign investment and an increase in inflation”.

Valuing the collaboration between the public and private sectors that materialized in this meeting, the Minister of Mining, Aurora Williams, together with reiterating the government's commitment to regional investment, emphasized the strong participation of national and international companies in EXPONOR 2024, which positions the value chain of suppliers, with the opportunity to internationalize . "It is important that it is held in the mining region, with a business projection of over US$ 900 million, which naturally and significantly contributes not only to the regional economy but also to the northern macrozone and to the country, providing - in particular - dynamism to the mining industry”.

The private sector generates approximately 80% of the national GDP, which has a direct impact on people's endeavours. This was highlighted by Ricardo Mewes, CPC Chairman, who added that "if governments do well, the private sector and Chile do well”. En tal sentido, sostuvo que con las cifras recientemente conocidas respecto al desarrollo de EXPONOR 2024, “this involves practically the entire country, given that it is a space for state-of-the-art solutions, innovation, and cutting-edge technologies associated with mining that can be transferred to other sectors, such as commerce, agriculture, and others that can benefit”.

For his part, the head of the SONAMI, Jorge Riesco, was grateful for the space generated by AIA to discuss key issues that move the country, specifying that the regions have much to contribute in collaboration with the central level, so their scope of action must be respected and strengthened. Such is the case of the Antofagasta Region, which is a source of extra dynamism that the country needs. "EXPONOR is held within the framework of the growth of our country, and is a powerful instance to contribute from that standpoint, and also for new companies, entrepreneurship and new human capital to emerge for Chile; without a doubt, it's the most important exhibition of 2024”.

Finally, Joaquín Villarino, Consejo Minero Chairman, valued the role of the private sector in the Growth Agenda, emphasizing that certainty is necessary in order to advance with investment. "At EXPONOR, conversations are generated around the major issues that move the industry and that constitute the challenges of the sector. It is one of the four most important exhibitions in the international arena; in Chile and Latin America it is a benchmark, with great convening power. Undoubtedly, it will be an important contribution to economic reactivation, from the region to the country. We are absolutely convinced that regionalism is part of the future of Chile and that regions like Antofagasta are a symbol of how things can be done very well from the perspective of the regions”.

Approximately US$ 900 million in new business over the next two years is projected as a result of the twentieth edition of this international exhibition, which will undoubtedly be a boost that will leverage the growth and dynamism of the national industry, with a direct effect on new investment, greater employment, growth of mining and energy projects, and other benefits.

With over 900 exhibitors, 15 pavilions, 30 participating countries, 130 technical talks and over 2,000 business roundtables, EXPONOR will bring together the leaders of large national and international companies between June 3 and 6, becoming a space for connecting, which will help boost key industries such as mining, energy, transport, technology and innovation, and be a key driver for the reactivation and strengthening of the economy in Chile.

EXPONOR 2024 -june 3 – 6has the support of its strategic partners Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, CODELCO, Escondida|BHP, Minera El Abra, Pan American Silver, Sierra Gorda SCM, Spence|BHP and SQM, together with the backing of APRIMIN, Consejo Minero, Generadoras de Chile, InvestChile, the Ministries of Economy, Mining and Energy, the Regional Government, ProChile, SOFOFA and SONAMI. Official media partners are Minería Chilena, Reporte Minero and El Mercurio de Antofagasta. Credit your visit at: visitatecnica@exponor.cl.

EXPONOR 2024... Solutions for a sustainable industry.

Santiago, 2 de abril de 2024


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