May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile


ANTOFAGASTA: La perla del norte, or the pearl of the north, is a city between the desert and the sea. With surprising geological formations, cliffs, warm waters and beautiful native flora and fauna, the region’s capital is also the birthplace of Chile’s nitrate extraction era

  1. Recommended sites:
  2. • Historic center
  3. • Museums
  4. • Ruins of Huanchaca
  5. • La Portada Natural Monument
  6. • Scenic coastline
  7. • The Nitrates Route (former nitrate towns Pampa Unión and Chacabuco).
  8. Antofagasta Tourist Information Office: Arturo Prat street #384, Floor 1 +56 55 2451818 •

CALAMA: Known as the land of sun and copper, with a vibrant spirit brought to the city by the miners of the Chuquicamata copper deposit, which can be seen from all parts of the city. With its services and conveniences, Calama is the starting point for expeditions to the villages of the interior.

  1. Recommended sites:
  2. • El Loa Park
  3. • Villages ofCaspana, Toconce andAyquina
  4. • San Francisco Church, Chiu Chiu
  5. • Pukará de Lasana (historic fort)
  6. • Ascotán and Carcote salt flats
  7. Calama Tourist Information Office:  Granaderos street # 1690 • +56 55 2531707 •

SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA: An oasis of human, geological and cultural contrasts. In the world’s most arid desert, this is the starting point for a number of journeys that will transport you to unique and incomparably beautiful landscapes, where wildlife can be found in its natural habitat.

  1. Recommended sites:
  2. • El Tatio geysers
  3. • Valle de la Luna (the valley of the Moon)
  4. • Los Flamencos National Reserve
  5. • Valle de la Muerte (the valley of death), one of the best sites for trekking and sandboarding.
  6. • Laguna Cejar, a natural lagoon with a buoyancy similar to that of the Dead Sea.
  7. San Pedro de Atacama Tourist Information Office: oconao street # 405 • +56 55 2851420 •

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Information: +56 55 2454335 • • General Borgoño 934, Piso 14, Antofagasta • Chile