May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile

Chinese Ambassador to Chile on Exponor 2019: "Cooperation between the mining sector in Antofagasta and China is key to the development of both countries"

The top diplomat for the Asian giant highlighted the opportunities that the international exhibition holds for trade relationships between both countries, and said that Chinese companies would take advantage of the chance to participate. The relationship between China and Chile is to reach a new milestone for commercial cooperation next year. The Asian giant was chosen as 'Guest Nation' for Exponor 2019, the most important mining industry show of next year, setting out new opportunities to extend relationships between Chilean companies and those in the East. This was highlighted by the Chinese Ambassador to Chile, Xu Bu, who pointed to the relevance of the mining industry in the Region of Antofagasta for the country. "Exponor is one of the most important shows for the mining sector in Chile and the world. China being Guest Nation is therefore a very significant milestone. I believe that exhibitions such as EXPONOR and cooperation between the mining sector in Antofagasta and China are highly relevant to the development of both countries", the diplomat continued. In this sense, the representative of the Chinese government in our country explained that "cooperation between both countries has been growing steadily. Last year, foreign trade between the two countries was worth almost 35 billion dollars, and China has been Chile's most important trading partner for several years". With this in mind, Xu underlined the relevance of the international exhibition which will take place in Antofagasta, in which China will take the lead. "Many Chinese companies will take advantage of the chance to participate in the show. With your support, I believe that cooperation between China and Chile will be more successful than ever". To conclude, the Ambassador invited exhibitors and visitors to the event, which will take place from May 27th to 30th 2019, to "visit the Chinese Pavilion to contribute to strengthening economic relations between China and Chile".

Official launch of "China, Exponor 2019 Guest Nation"

Next Thursday, September 6th, the Industrial Association, the organizer of Exponor, together with SOFOFA and Asia Reps, will hold the seminar "Business Opportunities between China and Chile in the Mining Industry". The event will take place at the SOFOFA Conference Centre in Santiago. The event, which will include presentations from the Executive President of Codelco, Nelson Pizarro, as well as the CFO of Antofagasta Minerals, Alfredo Atucha, will also take in the official launch of "China, Exponor 2019 Guest Nation". Among those taking part will be the AIA Head of Business and the Political Advisor for the Chinese Embassy, Wuji Li, as well as the Governor of the Region of Antofagasta, Marco Antonio Díaz. On this occasion, the Director of Bilateral Economic Affairs from the Office for Economic Relations (DIRECON), Felipe Lopeandia, will present opportunities in China for Chilean suppliers. The Executive Secretary of APEC Chile 2019, Paulina Nazal, will also speak about the upcoming challenges involved in the organisation of APEC Chile 2019. The event is targeted to suppliers, and is free to attend with advance registration. For more information, write to or call 55 2454335. To see the program, click here.

Published: 29.08.2018

Information: +56 55 2454335 • • General Borgoño 934, Floor 14, Antofagasta • Chile