May 15-19th, 2017, Antofagasta - Chile
Diego Hernández, President of Sonami:


The industry leader highlighted a key advantage of the show, which 3 months before it opens already has a wide variety of activities scheduled, including seminars, workshops, face-to-face meetings, talks, visits and technical delegations. The United States will be the host of this year’s show. The technological innovation show for the mining industry, Exponor 2017, is fast approaching, and key actors and authorities in the mining business have joined the wide-ranging agenda of activities for this year’s show. Major mining companies such as Rockwood Lithium, Codelco, Escondida, El Abra, SQM, Lomas Bayas, Zaldivar, Spence, Antofagasta Minerals, Alto Norte, Sierra Gorda and Yamana Gold have already confirmed their presence, giving added weight to this international trade show. With this in mind, the president of the National Mining Society (Sonami), Diego Hernández, highlighted the importance of the show for the national industry as a space for dialogue between suppliers and mining companies. “The different exchanges of experiences that take place at Exponor make this show an ideal scenario to get to know successful cases and solutions. What’s more, the show represents an opportunity to exchange experiences and needs among suppliers and mining companies, as well as to raise awareness of the challenges facing the industry in this country”, the industrial leader commented. According to expo manager Andrea Moreno, the principal strength of the exhibition is precisely this: it serves a meeting point between suppliers and mining companies, at the heart of the large-scale mining industry. “The Region of Antofagasta is home to the major mining companies, and it is in this context that Exponor has been carried out and has gained prestige as a show where the actors involved discuss the operational challenges and business opportunities of the mining industry”. SEMINARS AND ACTIVITIES As with every year’s show, Exponor 2017 includes a series of activities that have become a signature of this event. In the case of the seminars, topics and dates have already been confirmed. On Tuesday May 16th from 11:00, the seminar “Mining Investment Projects in Chile” will take place, while on Wednesday May 17th at the same time, the seminar “Technological Challenges of the Mining Industry: Business Opportunities for Suppliers” will be held. Additionally, May 16th from 12:30 onwards will be “German Day”, with a workshop bringing suppliers to the industry together with German companies in order to exchange experiences and generate new business opportunities. Another of the key activities at Exponor is the series of visits to mine sites, where suppliers have the chance to come into direct contact with the operational challenges of large-scale mining in Chile. The agenda includes visits to SQM S.A on Tuesday May 16th, to the Centinela mine site on Wednesday 17th and Rockwood Lithium on Thursday 18th. On the last day of the program, May 19th, participants will be able to visit the site of El Abra mine, an American-owned company – the United States is the host country of Exponor 2017. With regards to the state-owned copper company Codelco, the sites in the second region that will be visited will be defined this week. Exponor 2017 will take place from May 15th to 19th at the AIA Event Ground. It has backing from important actors in the sector: Antofagasta Minerals, Minera El Abra, Codelco, Minera Escondida, SQM, Yamana Gold and the Supplier Qualification System (SICEP). Its sponsors are: the Mining Council, Sonami, Sofofa, Aprimin, Corfo, the Government of Chile, the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry for the Economy, Development and Tourism, Pro Chile, Direcon and the Regional Governmen. Its press partners are the magazine Minería Chilena, Radio Bío-bío and El Nortero.

Published: 23.02.2017

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