May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile
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Towards competitive, sustainable mining development: Exponor 2019 brings together local authorities and suppliers at launch

Actors from the public and private sector met with the Industrial Association at the first official event in preparation for the biggest mining show of next year. Wednesday June 20th marked the official start to the activities surrounding Exponor 2019, with the breakfast meeting "All together, opportunities for all". At this event, authorities and local suppliers heard about the benefits and opportunities that the international mining exhibition brings to the Region of Antofagasta as well as the characteristics of the upcoming 17th edition. The event, organized by the Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA), was attended by the Governor of the Region of Antofagasta, Marco Antonio Díaz, and the Mayor of Antofagasta, Karen Rojo, together with authorities and over a hundred suppliers, who expressed their appreciation of the opportunities represented by the event that will take place next year in Antofagasta. On this topic, Marko Razmilic, Presidentof the AIA, stated that "we have decided to put Exponor in the diary of relevant actors a year in advance. This is the biggest show that will take place in Chile next year. Exponor has a double function, because it brings people together, getting the whole community to participate and benefit, and it also showcases Antofagasta so that more investment comes in and better business happens. We are committed to business development and competitiveness in the industry". Similarly, Governor Marco Antonio Díaz emphasized that "at the Regional Government we are working to generate conditions so that the commercial platform for our small, medium and large businesses in the Second Region is made visible internationally. Today, we have the opportunity for the Antofagasta Industrial Association to continue working to build Exponor in the region, and it is key to join forces to help it to grow". Meanwhile, Andrea Moreno, Expo Manager of Exponor, reaffirmed that "Exponor has had a tremendous positive impact in the Region of Antofagasta, strengthening its image nationally and internationally, fostering investment and employment and bringing dynamism to trade, the tourist sector, real estate and personal services. In this sense, making Exponor a success does not depend solely on us as the organisers, but also on the different economic actors in the Region of Antofagasta". The 2019 edition of Exponor, which will take place from May 27th to 30th at the AIA event ground with China as guest nation, has backing from relevant actors in the sector such as Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, Lomas Bayas, Minera Escondida, SQM, Yamana Gold and theSupplier Qualification System (SICEP). Its sponsors are: theMining Council, Sonami, Sofofa, Aprimin, the Government of Chile, the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry for the Economy, Development and Tourism, Pro Chile, Direcon and the Regional Government. Its press partner isthe magazine Minería Chilena.

Published: 20.06.2018

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