May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile

Iván Arriagada on AMSA's participation in Exponor 2019: "We are enthusiastic about the chance to make contact with future suppliers"

The CEO of Antofagasta Minerals confirmed the participation of the mining group in the international exhibition and highlighted the benefits to the company, which has just set out its 23 strategic challenges. Iván Arriagada, Executive President of Antofagasta Minerals S.A., confirmed the participation of the private mining group in Exponor 2019, highlighting the benefits that the international exhibition offers as a showcase for progress and new technology in the industry to meet the challenges that the company has laid out. AMSA has recently defined 23 key challenges which it aims to resolve through collaboration with suppliers and innovators using a new platform named Innova Minerals. Exponor 2019 has been chosen as the occasion to share these challenges. With this in mind, Iván Arriagada explained that "Our participation in the last version of Exponor was very high profile, and now, with the definition of our 23 challenges through the platform Innova Minerals, we are well positioned to share these challenges at Exponor, a natural meeting point and a space to share opportunities, challenges, opinions and dialogue with our suppliers". "We are therefore enthusiastic about the opportunity that Exponor gives us to accelerate these changes and make contact with future suppliers", he added with regards to the opportunities offered at the international exhibition.

Innovation and challenges

Among the 23 challenges identified by Antofagasta Minerals, six are areas of strategic interest to the mining business: automation and robotics; processing of low-grade ores; movement of large volumes of material; tailings deposition; energy efficiency and use of renewable energies; impact of social contribution to communities. In this sense, Nury Briceño, an engineer with expertise in innovation at Antofagasta Minerals S.A., highlighted the importance of suppliers in meeting these challenges. "Today, relationships with suppliers is of critical importance to Antofagasta Minerals. They contribute to the different processes and to improving them. Even more so now, with the development of the Innova Minerals platform. There is a great deal of enthusiasm about it, on our side and theirs. Relationships and collaboration are key to good results, and the platform offered by Exponor to match mining companies with national and international suppliers is very important. More than once, I have been in face-to-face meetings with suppliers and seen solutions that are very surprising and interesting". Finally, the Corporate Deputy Manager for Procurement, Materials and Logistics for Antofagasta Minerals, Patricio Díaz, called for services companies to "differentiate themselves within the supplier market. The level of differentiation is often not very effective: sometimes it is difficult to identify what sets a supplier apart in connection to what we do. We invite suppliers to connect innovation challenges to the value proposition that they offer, to explore, search, think and propose something that is interesting from the innovation point of view and in terms of the production enhancements we need".

Published: 13.08.2018

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