May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile

Exponor 2019 announces the Energy Pavilion, where companies from the growing power industry will present innovation projects

The new business platform for the energy industry will have the participation of the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Energy for the Region of Antofagasta, which will share the projects under development in the region and the business opportunities that the industry offers. With the aim of supporting the productive diversification of the Region of Antofagasta and providing a new business platform for the country's growing energy industry, Exponor 2019 has announced the creation of a new pavilion targeted at suppliers and power generation firms in the energy sector. The Energy Pavilion was created in response to the rapid development of this industry, which, just in the Region of Antofagasta, where the international exhibition for the mining industry takes place, boasts an investment portfolio for the next five years which is worth US$ 34.9 billion, and in which renewable energy and the development of technologies such as geothermal energy and solar power concentration feature strongly. On this topic, the president of the Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA), which organizes Exponor, Marko Razmilic, highlighted the new platform as an ideal way to interact with relevant actors in this industry. "As an Industrial Association, we are clear about the leadership that the Region of Antofagasta has taken on in the development of the energy industry, and, in view of that, we believe that Exponor is the right space for this industry to share its operational challenges, enabling suppliers and entrepreneurs to find new business opportunities. For this reason, we have made an open invitation to power generation companies to join this business platform, designed just for them", Razmilic concluded.

Business Opportunities

The new Energy Pavilion has the support of the Ministry of Energy and CORFO, through the Regional Ministry Secretariat for Energy in the Region of Antofagasta and the Integrated Territorial Program for the Energy Industry (PTI Energia), respectively. These bodies will have a presence and will speak about the projects being developed in the Region of Antofagasta and the business opportunities generated through them. The Regional Ministerial Secretary for Energy, Aldo Erazo, said that it was "notable and valuable that Exponor should consider the energy industry among the themes it addresses. We are working to modernize the sector, implementing the measures necessary to embed future technology and put it at the reach of every Chilean. In our sector, one of constant innovation and development, the challenge is to secure a cleaner, safe, economical and diversified power grid, and our invitation is to work on that together". Meanwhile, the manager of the Integrated Territorial Program, Cristián Sepúlveda, explained that "Exponor is a great showcase for the industry in general, and we believe that with our participation we are going to be able to inform and show all the participants, domestic and international, what the national and regional energy industry is focusing on today. With this in mind, we invite companies, suppliers, entrepreneurs, associations and the academic sector to come along to the Energy Pavilion at Exponor 2019, the meeting point for the entire energy industry". The 2019 edition of Exponor, which will take place from May 27th to 30th with China as guest nation, has the backing of key actors in the sector such as Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, Codelco, Lomas Bayas, Minera Escondida, SQM, Yamana Gold and the Supplier Qualification System (SICEP). Its sponsors are: the Mining Council, Sonami, Sofofa, Aprimin, the Chilean Government, the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry for the Economy, Development and Tourism, Pro Chile and the Regional Government of Antofagasta. Its press partners are Minería Chilena, Radio Bío Bío and Reporte Minero. The 2017 edition of Exponor led to projected annual business worth 800 million dollars, with a thousand exhibitors from 30 countries taking part. Similarly, 40 thousand visits were recorded and 1,292 face-to-face meetings took part with the participation of 98 executives from 16 mining companies. There were 7 site visits, 120 technical talks, 3 after-office networking evenings and 3 seminars with the participation of 950 people, and over 300 technological innovations were showcased in the run-up to the event.

Published: 12.12.2018

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