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AIA Boosts Image of the Region of Antofagasta at Important Mining Show in Canada

The Antofagasta Industrial Association attended the CIM Convention 2018 inVancouver to establish links with trade associations, attract capital and promote Exponor 2019, among other aims. Having signed an FTA with Chile over 20 years ago, the first agreement of its kind with a nation in this part of the continent and a foundation for bilateral trade and investment between both countries, and become a key foreign investor in our country's mining sector, Canada is now consolidating its commercial presence in the top economic activity in the country and the region. In this context, the Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA) participated in the CIM Convention 2018, an important Canadian mining show carried out in Vancouver. Boosting the interest of foreign investors in the Region of Antofagasta, establishing relationships with mining associations abroad and showcasing the economic and tourist attractions of our region were among the objectives set out by Alicia Reyes, director of the Antofagasta Convention Bureau (ACB), who travelled to North America with an agenda packed full of meetings with major economic actors in the sector. In this respect, the executive pointed out that "Canada is a strategic country for us as a region and a country, which is why we decided to be part of the CIM Convention, from which we were able to draw very positive conclusions. We were present at Chile's stand at the exhibition, where exhibitors and visitors showed great interest in doing business in Chile. What's more, several of them were aware ofExponor because they had already participated in our show. And we were able to see the enthusiasm for expansion and new business in South America and Chile. In this sense, there is a great opportunity for Exponor to attract even more participation by Canadian businesses next year". The scope of AIA's participation in the event included meetings with important associations and organizations bringing together mining companies and suppliers, such as the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), Mining Association of Canada, Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), 48 Nord International, Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Associationand other major bodies. "The meetings with the trade associations were fruitful because these organizations also work to support their affiliates in expanding their business networks. We hope to generate links with these associations to support our partner companies through the exchange of experience and business opportunities. Similarly, SICEP – the Supplier Qualification System – generated great interest in the information that it provides and the possibility of creating networks of contacts", Reyes added.

Promoting Exponor 2019

Promoting Exponor 2019 as an international platform for business has been another of the key aims of the AIA's participation in the CIM Convention 2018. Canada had an important presence at the 2017 edition of the show, with 13 participating companies and 31 exhibitors at its pavilion. With this in mind, Fernando Cortez, General Manager of the AIA, explained that "we know how important Chile is for Canada. We are the country that receives the most investment from them in all of Central and South America, but we believe that these economic ties could grow even more given the promising economic outlook, and Exponor is the ideal business platform for new investment in our country and the Region of Antofagasta".

Published: 11.05.2018

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