May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile

Ministry for Foreign Relations gives support to Exponor: "Our 54 offices abroad are available to promote the event internationally"

Through the General Office for International Economic Relations (DIRECON), the Ministry gave its full support to the most important international mining exhibition of next year. The Ministry for Foreign Relations and the Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA) confirmed their cooperation, which will allow Exponor 2019 to count on the support of the 54 overseas offices of ProChile, strengthening the international promotion of 2019's most important international mining and industrial show. This support, which will build on the work that has led to the presence of over 30 countries at recent editions of the event, materialized through a series of multilateral meetings between the AIA and Asia Reps, Chancellor Roberto Ampuero, DIRECON andProChile. "After meeting with the Antofagasta Industrial Association, we have expressedour support from ProChilefor the international promotion of Exponor, which will take place through our 54 overseas offices", explainedRodrigo Yáñez, Director of Economic Relations. In this respect, the General Manager of the AIA, Fernando Cortez, highlighted that "the support provided by the Chancellery, DIRECON and ProChile means a lot to Exponor, particularly in terms of the major effort that we at the AIA make to brink over 30 countries and their delegations to the Region of Antofagasta for our international exhibition". The Director of DIRECON also praised the event forthe opportunities that it generates, and, in particular, for the impact of China as special guest nation at the event to be held in May next year. "Exponor is a show that has always been a pole for the generation of value and new business in the region, thanks to the international delegations that it attracts, and it is something that we need to continue to strengthen. The choice of China as guest nation for the event strikes us as a wise one from all points of view. This is a country that is seeing major growth as a foreign investor in Chile, much more than in previous years and the Chilean mining industry needs to know how to take advantage of this. Today, the development of the Chinese economy generates opportunities for technology transfer that we can channel in order to become not just an exporter of raw material but also a supplier of high-tech services intensive in human capital surrounding the mining industry. China has to be a strategic ally in this process", Mr. Yáñez continued. The official launch of Exponor with China as guest nation has been confirmed by the Antofagasta Industrial Association, together with Asia Reps and the Manufacturing Development Society (SOFOFA), for the first week of September, to be marked by the seminar "Chile-China: Opportunities and Challenges, Exponor 2019" at the SOFOFA Auditorium in Santiago.

Published: 10.07.2018

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