May - 2021, Antofagasta - Chile

El Abra sets its stall as a space for new technology and increased competitiveness in the mining industry

General Operations Manager Boris Medina confirmed the participation of the copper mining company through a Business Centre at the show, face-to-face meetings and a delegation that will visit the event to get to know new products and services. Opportunities to do business and get to know new technologies and innovations to increase the competitiveness of the industry and its actors are among the attractions on offer at Exponor 2019, the international exhibition that will take place in Antofagasta with the participation of the most important mining companies with a presence in Chile, among them El Abra. The General Operations Manager of the copper producer, Boris Medina, underlined the presence of El Abra at Exponor as "a great chance to tell people about our business and all the good things we are doing in terms of safety, sustainability and production. It is also an excellent occasion to strengthen relationships with strategic suppliers and other businesses in the field, and to explore new technologies that may increase the performance and competitiveness of our business". The executive also confirmed the participation of its Procurement team at the round of face-to-face meetings, which will bring together suppliers and major mining companies, as well as the presence of a technical delegation that will visit the event in order to gain insight into new products and services, especially in the areas of "technology, engineering, maintenance support, transport and catering".

Supplier relations

Medina highlighted the importance of Exponor 2019 as a chance to strengthen relationships with the suppliers that will take part in the exhibition and to showcase advances in the projects being developed at El Abra. "We have a broad portfolio of projects currently under development, focusing primarily on the implementation of new technologies that allow us to improve our performance across all areas of the business and enable us to ensure our operational continuity in the region. Highlights include Construction of Sulfolix Phase II and, in the long term, the Concentrator Project". Similarly, he pointed out that "for us it is very important to maintain good relationships with our suppliers. We see them as our strategic partners, who help to complement the efforts necessary to achieve our business objectives. This important, mutually beneficial relationship also aims to add value to the local, regional and national development of our economy and communities", he explained. Exponor 2019 will take place from May 27th to 30th and its guest nation is China. The exhibition also has the backing of key actors in the sector such as Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, Codelco, Lomas Bayas, Minera Escondida, Yamana Gold and the supplier qualification system (SICEP). Its sponsors are: the Mining Council, Sonami, Sofofa, Aprimin, the Chilean Government, the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry for the Economy, Development and Tourism, Pro Chile and the Regional Government of Antofagasta. Its press partners are Minería Chilena, Bío Bío, Reporte Minero and El Nortero. At the 2017 edition of Exponor, business worth 800 million dollars was projected and a thousand exhibitors from 30 countries took part. The show was visited by 40 thousand people and 1,292 face-to-face meetings took place with the participation of 98 executives from 16 mining companies, along with 7 site visits, 120 technical talks, 3 after-office networking sessions, 3 seminars in which 950 people took part. Prior to the show, over 300 innovations and technologies were promoted.

Published: 07.03.2019

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