May 27th - 30th, 2019, Antofagasta - Chile

Ministry of Mining, Codelco and AMSA take part in launch of China as Exponor 2019 'Guest Nation', highlighting opportunities for suppliers

Actors from the public and private sectors emphasised the importance of the relationship between Chile and the Asian giant for the development of the mining industry and the attraction of new investment. The Official Launch of "China, Guest Nation" at Exponor 2019 was held on Thursday September 6th. Both private and public actors put the spotlight on the importance of enhancing trade relationships with the Asian giant to boost the national economy and offer new business opportunities for suppliers to the mining industry. The event, which brought together over 300 people, including authorities from Chile and abroad as well as industry and business representatives, was attended by the Minister of Mining, Baldo Prokurica, the Governor of the Region of Antofagasta, Marco Antonio Díaz, the Executive President of Codelco, Nelson Pizarro, and the CFO of AMSA, Alfredo Atucha. With this in mind, the President of the Antofagasta Industrial Association, Marko Razmilic, pointed out that "Next year, Antofagasta will have the chance to generate new business opportunities through Exponor. China will be the special guest, as our country's largest trading partner. This will attract large companies seeking suppliers able to meet the demand for optimization of productive processes to the mining capital of Chile". The importance of this commercial relationship was also highlighted by the Minister of Mining, Baldo Prokurica. "China is, without a doubt, one of the most important partners for our country in economic and investment terms. Having China as our guest at Exponor, one of the most important shows in the world, generates a major set of opportunities for both countries. Choosing China was a great idea, and without a doubt, it will have very good results". Meanwhile, Ramón Jara, Director and Member of the Business Council Chile China in SOFOFA, highlighted the importance of "raising awareness of something as important as Exponor is, especially to our country and the mining industry. I can congratulate AIA for having taken the decision to the launch of China as Exponor 2019 'Guest Nation'. Having chosen China as guest nation at Exponor is highly relevant, given that our countries have a long history of diplomatic and trade relationships. Currently, China is our country's largest trade partner, and mining is without a doubt a key to our development. At the event, Wuji Li, Head of Business and Political Advisor at the Chinese Embassy in Chile, highlighted the interest on the part of the Asian country and its companies in Chile and in participating in Exponor, a viewpoint also expressed by the Governor of the Region of Antofagasta, Marco Antonio Díaz. "When we look at the global stage and we have to invite just one country to represent our direction in terms of international projection, as a region, we obviously look to our number one trading partner, which is China. For us, it is a true pleasure to be able to continue to build on our relationship with the Asian giant and, from there, leverage advantages that directly benefit our small and medium businesses", the regional leader explained.

Business opportunities between China and Chile

As part of the event, the seminar "Business Opportunities between China and Chile in the Mining Industry" was carried out, with speakers including Nelson Pizarro, Executive President of Codelco, and Alfredo Atucha, CFO of Antofagasta Minerals. As part of his presentation, Pizarro highlighted the contribution of suppliers to productivity in the industry, and specifically to that of Codelco. The leader of the public company predicted that 60% of the production of Codelco will soon come from structural projects, and that suppliers will be key to these. Meanwhile, Atucha underlined the new innovation challenges taken on by the company and the central role of suppliers in meeting these needs. The event was organized by the Antofagasta Industrial Association, the Society for the Development of Manufacturing (SOFOFA) y Asia Reps.

Published: 06.09.2018

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